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You know sometimes I just do so many of these that I lose track...which I guess is a good/bad thing!

Nicole had asked me to do an aisle runner, adding in a claddagh into the design, as well as a "Here Comes The Bride Banner". Well, she just emailed me professional pics from her day and until she sent them, I had forgotten (in all honesty I think I had shipped them out before I had a chance to take pictures for my own files). Congratulations to Nicole and Anthony!


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Jeneane was another reference from the ever wonderful Cathy at For Your Event Planning. Jeneane wanted an aisle runner painted with her invitation monogram, as well as a "Just Married" parasol and a "Mr. & Mrs." banner. I love her monogram!

Congratulations to Jeneane and Marion!


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First off, my apologies, its been a long while since I've updated this thing! But with a new job and longer hours, its hard keeping up with everything, on top of my photography which is something i'm also focusing on.

Here is an aisle runner I did for Chandra, designing it myself in her colors of a silver gray and purple. Congratulations to Chandra and Gregory!


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Audrie is a friend of mine whom I've known for many years! She contacted me because she was interested in a parasol for her daughter's christening. I had a fuchsia colored parasol and added some butterflies (the theme of the party). Congratulations to Audrie and the whole family!


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Roycelyn was a referral from Cathy at For Your Event Planning. Cathy had wanted me to come up with a design using rich fall colors of burnt orange and brown. Below is what I created for them. Congratulations to Roycelyn and Daniel!


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Melissa had contacted me wanting a runner and a table runner using a monogram from her invitations in silver and blue colors. Congratulations to Melissa and Anthony!

She's crafty!

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I have been fortunate enough to meet some great ladies on a message board that I participate. We had decided to, as a group, do a craft exchange amongst one another. Many of the ladies are talented artists, crocheters and do scrap booking. So I was a bit lost as to what to do, since all the girls are married. Its not like they would need a parasol or aisle runner, so I thought and thought and thought. This is what I came up with....